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Fuji provides a wide range of Elevators and Escalators offering both installation and ongoing comprehensive lift maintenance. Fuji has built its reputation on customer service and we have an experienced team of Technicians, Engineers, Designers and Project Managers to service all your needs.

Illustration of elevator door with wood wall.


Fuji Elevators Australia offers cost effective Lift and Escalator Modernization programs to meet your needs.

Our experienced Technicians & Engineers are in touch with the latest product developments, to ensure your units meet the code requirements & are brought up to the highest level of reliability & ride quality. It is also a great time to up grade your Lift Car Interior.


Fuji Elevators Australia offers a wide range of Lift & Escalator Maintenance contracts.

These contracts are aimed at meeting your needs, both from a customer services perspective, as well as ensuring your asset (Lifts and or Escalators) are fully protected due to our superior maintenance program.

Our most popular maintenance contract is the fully Comprehensive agreement:
this covers the following:

  • 12 services visits including major services each year where all components are full checked, including safety gear, brakes, door operating
  • 24 hour 7 day a week call Centre service
  • All parts and labour coveredĀ in the agreement
  • Yearly Risk and Hazard Assessment
  • Yearly Safe to Operate certificate
  • Monthly Services Reporting
  • Annual Report on condition of the equipment

Other agreements offer either all of the above, without the 24/7 free call out services or a simple basic services agreement where parts and call outs are charged separately. Whatever your needs Fuji Elevators Australia provide an agreement that satisfies your requirements.