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    Reliability of Elevators (Break Down Rates) Versus Service Frequency

    A disturbing feature of the Australian elevator market is the reduction by lift companies in service frequency. They argue a lift only needs four services per year, but their prices often don’t drop to reflect the same ratio and are only reduced by 15% over a twelve month service price.

    Given the reliability of the elevators are so poor by Japanese standards, the reduction of service frequencies compounds the reliability problem, so why then do some elevator companies promote these reduced service frequencies? Arguably, by putting a lower price in, based on reduced services, it makes the offer look more competitive against another company who is offering twelve services per year. The unsuspecting customer doesn’t understand the impact on the reliability on their unit, nor what he is really getting for his money.

    Make no mistake, there is a direct correlation between the level of servicing and the frequency versus breakdown rate. The end effect by the reduced frequency is the customer’s equipment is being in many cases, underserviced. Reliability further suffers, as insufficient time is allowed to carry out proper preventative maintenance. Fuji Elevators is keen to raise awareness and the standard of servicing in Australia and reduce the number of breakdowns currently being experienced.

    Prior to entering the Australian market, Fuji conducted a survey. Our observation of the results was, “…that all lift companies are the same; all lift companies are as bad as each other and therefore if this is the case, price is the only thing that matters…” This is a snapshot of where the Australian lift industry is now, but not where it can or should be. Fuji Elevators offer a different level of service and our reliability of the equipment we maintain show we are not the same as our competitors. We are raising the reliability and service bar to be the benchmark of quality service.

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    Why do Elevators break down?

    In simple terms, elevator breakdowns are normally caused through lack of servicing. Like with any moving component property preventative maintenance and the replacement of worn out components prior to their failure goes a long way towards minimising breakdowns.

    With Elevators, the statistics show that 90% of all break downs are the result of door component issues – either lack of adjustment causing the breakdown or components simply worn out and not able to perform to the manufacturers specification.

    What we are finding which is compounding the problem is the lack of preventative maintenance being applied by some Australian Elevator companies when it comes to the servicing of the elevators. Arguably, the reasons for which are purely financial. Less servicing on the surface means potentially greater profits, but I would suggest not only is this approach short sighted, but it ignores the cost of breakdowns, not to mention the inconvenience to the customer and the end users.

    Australia is not keeping pace with the rest of the world when it comes to breakdown rates. As an example, the Australian Property Council says 0-4 is Excellent, 5-6 Very Good and 7-10 Good.

    Ask yourself, if your car broke down six times a year, how unhappy would you be? So, why does the Australian community accept this level of mediocrity when it comes to the performance of their elevators?

    I can assure you that no Japanese lift company, nor its customers, would accept two breakdowns per year. Anything more than that would have the President of the Elevator company on TV apologising for his company’s poor performance.

    So why can the Japanese elevator companies achieve much lower break down rates than the Australian elevator companies? The answer is simple. Japanese companies do proper preventative maintenance. It is not possible for any technician to carry out proper preventative maintenance if they are only allowed 20-30 minutes for a service. By contrasts, Fuji Elevators Australia, servicing to the Japanese ethos of servicing, allow as a minimum 2 hours per minor visitation and 8 hours for a major service.