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Quality Elevators You Can Afford

We bring to Australia, the latest in technology when it comes to Elevators & Escalators. Fuji Elevators Australia, have a wide range of factories supporting our business, which ensures our customers get prompt delivery & the highest quality product available.

We are not just a lift company we provide vertical & horizontal transport solutions to meet our customer needs. From high rise elevators to medium & low rise elevators Fuji Elevators Australia is a company that can provide “commodity” lifts or where necessary, a fully custom designed solution.

We are the high tech lift company that has not forgotten to be customer focused!

With over 20 years Lift Experience

John Bundy

Managing Director Fuji Elevators Australia

Shares his vision :-

Australia up until now has not had the opportunity to experience the Japanese quality of elevators and escalators which Japan are renowned for. Fuji along with its manufacturing partners will not only be bringing high quality lifts and escalators to the Australian market but we also adopt the Japanese approach to preventative maintenance.

The European lift companies along with the major American lift companies have long admired and aspired to the ride quality, reliability and reputation that Japanese companies deliver every day. In Australia, if a lift breaks down 4 times in a year (90 Days Mean Time Between Call Backs), it is deemed acceptable by the industry. By contrast, in Japan, if a lift has one call back per year it is regarded as totally unacceptable.

Our team is excited to have the opportunity to provide premium world class quality Elevators and Escalators to the Australian market, at a highly competitive price in comparison with other lift companies.

In addition, our technical capabilities and attention to detail when it comes to lift maintenance will ensure ongoing customer satisfaction. Fuji Elevators offer you a real alternative both in terms of a quality service and quality of product.

Fuji Elevators Australia Pty Ltd is an independently owned & operated company and is in no way connected to or Is a part of the Fujitec Group in Japan.